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Studio Membership Levels

  • Studio Angel

    Every month
    Sit back and support the local art scene
    Valid for 12 months
    • 10% Discount on workshops
    • Choice of yearly printed gift
    • Your membership supports other artists
  • Artist Member

    Every month
    Flexible hours and equipment usage
    • 10% Discount on workshops
    • Participate in Open Studio events
    • $200 for the first month, then $125/mo
    • 24hr Access
  • Workstudy

    Every month
    On a budget and willing to help
    • 10% Discount on workshops
    • Participate in Open Studio events
    • 4-hour shift per month in trade for 4-hour studio time
    • $150 first month, then $90/mo



Angel members are unique in that they support the Wonderhand through their membership but do not have access to open studio hours. Angel members receive priority and first notification of workshops and other events. No application process is needed to become an Angel Member.


Artist and Work-study members are asked to show proficiency in the printmaking technique that they will be working in. They many be asked to take at least one class in their area of interest. After a shop tour, interview about their printmaking experience, and discussion of member options, there will be a safety and equipment test.  The first two sessions as a printmaking member will be monitored, but after 24/7 access to the shop will be granted. Members are responsible for their own consumable materials (plates/blocks, paper, etc.) A list of included materials and equipment is below, but members are asked to use materials sparingly to ensure enough for everyone, and with as little waste as possible (for the earth!)


We offer printmaking assisted studio rental at our Drop in Project Rate.  We can help you print your first woodcut, or your band t-shirts, wedding invites, holiday cards or other printing projects.  Contact us with details about your project and timeframe.

With Instruction/One-on-One workshop format:

4 hour block $175; Additional hour $50

Full day, 8 hour block max, $300

Non-Instruction/Equipment usage only:

4 hour non-instruction block $75; Additional hour $15

Full day, 8 hour block max, $125


Members will be asked to provide identification (Driver’s License, and credit card) and will be given a unique door code for access. This information will be kept confidential, but is required for the overall safety of all members. Artist and workstudy members are granted 24/7 access, and will be notified of workshops or other events.


Wonderhand does not have dedicated parking. The large lot at the corner of 7th Street and 8th Avenue is paid parking by city permit M-F from 8am-5pm and can be attained at Off street parking is 2 hour limit. Nights and weekends are free.  All parking is at your own risk, and Wonderhand LLC takes no responsibility for vehicle safety. It is advised to remove all valuables from view and lock your vehicle. Bikes, skateboards, etc. are welcome to be kept safe in the entry of Wonderhand.  


Artist and Work-study members can utilize shop supplies for reasonable use.  Solvents, rags, clean up materials, paper towels, newsprint, various hand tools, brayers, ink knives, rollers, select ink and art materials are welcome to be used. Members will be given a flat file drawer and have access to shelf space. Members are expected to supply consumables such as platemaking materials, paper, ink, clean-up gloves and other one time use supplies.  



  • Little John Etching Press, bed size 24”x 36”

  • Lithography Press, bed size 24”x3 6”

  • Vandercook Proof Press, bed size 12”x 18”

  • Conrad and Price Motorized Platen Press, chase size 12”x 14”

  • Kelsey Platen Press, chase size 6”x 9”

  • Kelsey Platen Press, chase size 5”x 8”

  • Roller Proof Press, bed size 14”x 20” and magnetic rubber letters

  • Guillotine Paper Cutter 12”x 18” 100 sheets

  • Mat Cutter 44” and framer's point gun

  • GRS Tool sharpening system

  • Over 25 drawers of lead type

  • Assorted letterpress rules and dies

  • Speedball brayers in various sizes

  • 8" hand roller

  • 18" litho roller

  • 20" litho roller

  • Stainless steel worktables

  • Butcher block worktables

  • Utility sink and washout shower

  • Pressure washer

  • Various hand tools



  • Flat file drawer for members

  • Shelf space for members

  • Coffee Maker

  • Refrigerator

  • Microwave

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