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Found in the heart of Greeley's Creative District, Wonderhand Studios is a communal print shop offering various levels of membership, as well as private artist studios.  We also offer services and resources to help creatives succeed no matter where you are in your artistic career. 



View our current offerings of monthly classes, request a one-on-one print session, or schedule your drop in studio hours.

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Studio membership provides 24/7 access to artists. Rent the studio or become a printmaking member, various levels of membership for different needs.  

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"A friendly and welcoming studio for all levels of artist. I have attended multiple workshops with Johanna and Stan. They are very knowledgeable and easily approachable, willing to help in all steps of printmaking."


"I love Wonderhand Studio for their welcoming and informative workshops, gatherings, and support of my creative journey. Johanna and Stan are so open to sharing their knowledge and passion that make Wonderhand a gem in downtown Greeley. I always look forward to inspiring images and conversations held within the brick walls of the studio."


"Incredible prints created by incredible human beings. Wonderhand Studios is your entrance to a wonderland of printmaking. If you have an opportunity to take a workshop, don't pass it up!"   -Cameron 

"Johanna Mueller of Wonderhand Studios is an amazing artist, dedicated teacher and genuine person rolled up into one beautiful woman.

Printmaking is her passion and it shows in her 110% commitment. Check out her art & studio, take a class, or join her for a cup of tea, you’ll be happy you did."   -Rebecca

"Wonderhand Studios is a wonderful addition to Greeley and the surrounding area. The print shop is well outfitted for all levels of printmakers. Johanna has years of experience as a professional printmaker and is generous with her knowledge. If you’re interested in printmaking (either as a creator or customer), get in touch with Johanna and Wonderhand Studios. "  - Ren

"Johanna is an exquisite printmaker. Her prints are all at once dreamlike, earthbound, and star-lit. She is also a wonderful teacher ☺️"


"I was so inspired by Johanna Mueller's engraving workshop at Snow College that I invested in a press and engraving tools. Johanna was organized, thorough, and encouraging. Her demonstrations were clear and detailed. She showed us her techniques, but encouraged us to find and use whichever way worked best for us. Her advice was helpful and insightful. She demonstrated every step of the process and was very generous with her time and knowledge. I could not have enjoyed the workshop more." -Sandy (Summer Snow Workshop, Ephriam UT)

"A HUGE thank you for taking your time in teaching me the beginnings of printmaking and deep appreciation of your gift! I love my print! Thank you!!" -Carolyn 

"I really liked the beginner Renegade Relief session and would recommend it to anyone!" - Madeline

"A great resource for making prints, for letterpress printing, and for networking with artists." -Al 

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